Gilsonite Lab

PUB (Pars Universal Bitumen ) Gilsonite Company is ion vendor of research institute of petroleum industry which is belonging to minister of Petroleum.

There are many national and international specifications and tests stipulated by various authorities, contracts and building regulations around the world. At BUB Gilsonite Company we try to offer as many as we can, while accepting that we cannot offer all things to all of our stakeholders everywhere, given the limited volumes per location. We offer:
Analysis of commercial bulk Gilsonite to ASTM, ISO, EN and similar specifications
Analysis of the basic Gilsonite performance such as:
Penetration numbers
Needle penetration
Cone penetration
Melting point
Storage monitoring to assess oxidation state
Testing of packing Gilsonite over time to asses batch lifetime


All testing laboratories participate in an international proficiency test scheme for Gilsonite. These round robin tests act as a performance indicator and help to maintain a consistently high level of quality and assurance from our labs.

PUB Gilsonite Company inspections Gilsonite cargoes are carried out on the basis of accepted petroleum and petrochemical standards such as ASTM, GOST, API, MPMS, UOP, IP or EN testing methods and specifications as set out by ISO, CEN or national and regional standards-setting organizations.