Gilsonite Countries

Gilsonite mines operates as an industrial minerals companies over the world and is the world’s primary miner and processor of uintaite, a variety of asphaltite, a specialty hydrocarbon which many countries markets to industrial customers under its registered trademark name Gilsonite.

ilsonite is a glossy, black, solid naturally occurring hydrocarbon similar in appearance to hard asphalt and is believed to be found in commercial quantities in Iran USA Colombia China Turkey Basin Colombia Argentina and Albania.

Because of its unique chemical and physical properties, Gilsonite has been used in more than 160 products. The countries sell its products to customers in four primary markets:
(i) oil and gas
(ii) inks and paints
(iii) foundry and
(iv) asphalt

Gilsonite countries mining the Gilsonite more than 2 million metric tons annually.