About US – Jahan Ghire Pars (Pars Universal Bitumen-PUB ) is head quartered in ESFAHAN . Mining and processing are located in Kermanshah.

At Kermanshah PUB operates a network of underground Gilsonite mines and refining plant, and a pulverizing plant with multiple capabilities.

Our plants have advanced materials handling and packing facilities, storage silos and bins for 8,000 tons of product and a covered warehouse with multiple loading docks.

About US - Gilsonite Powder

PUB quality control labs conduct extensive product testing on every order we ship. PUB currently has about 50 full-time employees, most of them working at the Kermanshah Mine Site, and a worldwide agent and distributor network.

PUB has a long history of supplying its Gilsonite-brand name products for the world market.

The material now called Gilsonite, natural bitumen, mineral bitumen, mineral tar, mineral pitch, bituminous rock asphalt, natural asphalt, Asphaltite, Asfaltite which was discovered in the Kermanshah since 1970.

Modern geologists believe that the origin of Gilsonite is linked to the rich oil shale of the Green River Formation that underlies much of the basin. Deep vertical fissures in the earth’s surface were once filled with a heavy, viscous hydrocarbon that lost its volatile constituents and solidified millions of years ago.

Gilsonite is a glossy, black, solid hydrocarbon resin similar in appearance to coal or hard asphalt. It is brittle and lightweight and can be easily crushed into powder. Its unique chemical properties identify it as belonging to its own sub-group of the PUB Gilsonite family. Gilsonite occurs naturally in a very pure state, and softens in a range of temperatures according to grade, from 302 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit (150-240 degrees Celsius).

It has low specific gravity, high nitrogen content and very lower sulfur content. It is non-carcinogenic and safe to handle in its natural state.
Development and production of this unique material began in 1885 when Samuel H. Gilson characterized the ore and named it Gilsonite.

In 1888, Gilson and a partner formed the Gilsonite Manufacturing Company, American Gilsonite first commercial ancestor. Gilsonite-brand uintaite’s earliest applications included paints for buggies and emulsions for beer-vat lining. The name “Gilsonite” has been registered as a federal trademark since 1921 and is American Gilsonite Company’s exclusive property.